About Us


About Autobase Car Wash

Autobase Car Wash will take you into a high-tech, high-quality and safest car wash environment. We also selling the Car Care products that are professional to help you maintain your car. Our goal is help your car get refreshed, beauty, and best experience with our car wash.

The important concept for Autobase Car Wash is: energy saving, environmental protection. Recycling, water management to achieve green washing, also its positive meaning to change the Earth's ecological environment.

Autobase Car Wash insist 100% satisfaction for our customer. We using latest soft cloth materials and high-tech equipment to provide a safely car wash environment. If you are not satisfied with your wash, we will re-wash your car immediately and have no addition charge.


We love doing the car wash. It's a lot of fun and a great way to reach out to the local community and serve with absolutely no strings attached.



Our Equipment

Autobase Car Wash have advanced car wash equipment. Our car wash equipment is from CHIA-MA. CHIA-MA is a carwash equipment supplier that is certified by Australia Carwash Association.

We have 3 in 1 Hybrid (Tunnel + Soft Touch + Touch Free), and this multifunctional Car wash machine gives customers more choice. The Tunnel Wash is the safest, fastest, softest way to wash your car, you just need to sit in the car, turn on your music and enjoy this wonderful time.

We offer high quality chemicals to ensure clean your car efficiency, cleanly and safety. Our chemicals are from Allcare Vehicle Wash Solutions. Allcare had 24 years of experience in the car wash supply industry, and they are certified by Australia Carwash Association.

Are your still worry about make your house messy when washing your puppy? Don't worry! We have a U-BEAUT DOG WASH machine! We provide a small independent glass room to your best friend to have a worm, comfortable and safety bath time. We also offer the shampoo, conditioner, flea shampoo and cold/warm blow dryer. Hope you and your best friend have nice day!